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Newsha Colorwatch System Trial Kit


Newsha Colorwatch System Trial Kit

Colorwatch System Extract (Step 1) 3.3 oz
Colorwatch System Cream (Step 2) 3.3 oz

Newsha Colorwatch System Trial Kit Includes:

  • (1) Colorwatch System Extract (Step 1)
  • (2) Colorwatch System Cream (Step 2)
  • Measuring Cup
Beautiful Colors Without Damaged Hair
  • Restores broken hair bonds, and builds new ones
  • Hair structure is regenerated during the coloring process
  • Protects hair from possible damage due to the stress of bleaching and coloring
  • Strengthens and revitalizes hair structure
  • Extends the life of hair color
  • Expect perfect color results without worrying about the ­condition of your clients hair

Step 1 – Colorwatch System Extract
1. Mix lightener/cream bleach or hair color with peroxide as usual
2. Add Colorwatch Extract to the formulation according to table included in kit
3. Apply lightener/color and process as usual
4. Gently shampoo and rinse hair

Step 2 – Colorwatch Cream
1. Apply Colorwatch Cream to hair (longer hair will require more product than listed in table included in kit)
2. Process for 5 minutes and gently rinse hair and style. Do not shampoo!