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do. Breakaway Moisturizing Conditioner / Gallon

do. Breakaway Moisturizing Conditioner / Gallon

do. Haircare

do. Breakaway Moisturizing Conditioner

1 Gallon / 128 oz / 100% Vegan

Great for all hair types, this daily conditioner will leave your hair fuller, shinier and more manageable. Made with natural botanical ingredients.

  • Restores natural pH balance to hair stressed by an active lifestyle
  • Seals in nutrients and proteins - diminished during rigorous exercise, particularly if outdoors
  • Keeps hair manageable for styling ease
    • Faster drying time
    • Everyday moisturizer for the hair
    • Helps detangle
  • Leaves a soft and really impacts the shine on hair
  • Perfect daily moisture for young girls with long hair
Key Ingredients
  • Wheat Protein - moisturizes, adds volume, conditions and strengthens, smooths hair’s cortex, and adds shine
  • Aloe : conditions the hair. Provides lightweight moisture to condition hair without excess weight
  • Jojoba and Almond Oil : conditions, softens and adds shine. Provides lightweight moisture to condition hair without excess weight
  • Vitamin A : an antioxidant, fights against dryness, heat and pollution
  • Vitamin E : an antioxidant with moisturizing properties, free — radical scavenger
  • Panthenol : penetrates the hair shaft, forms elastic film on the inside and outside of the shaft. Internally protects flexibility and elasticity from the inside. Adds luster and volume — up to 10%. Protects and repairs damaged hair. Natural hydrator or humectant
  • Golden Seal and Hops : adds body and structure to give hair lift
  • Henna : adds body and highlights without altering hair color
  • Calendula and Chamomile : soothe and normalize the scalp. Helps to hydrate the scalp and reduce flaking
  • Wild Cherry Bark : regulates sebum to help reduce hair loss
  • Allantoin : soothe and normalize the scalp. Help to hydrate the scalp and reduce flaking
  • Silicone : used to reduce scorching of the cortex, replenish moisture and improve shine

About do.

Strengthen and restore your client's hair health with do. Active Haircare.

The do. shampoo line is a must for those with highly active lifestyles. Each product is specially formulated to gently rinse away harmful sebum while moisturizing and detangling hair. Safe for chemically treated hair, most do. shampoos are 100% vegan.