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Innoluxe Foam


Innoluxe Foam

200 ml

This pre-diluted version of ReBond v2 was developed to use as a part of the INNOluxe stand-alone treatment. Foam is applied at the station so your client can relax with a coffee while the super-concentrated formulation does its thing. No more dripping into the backwash or onto towels and a bonus 20 minutes when your basins are free for other clients. Win-win! Foam rebuilds and strengthens hair using the superpowers it gets from our enhances Aminobond Complex. The blend of exceptionally low-weight proteins construct superstring sulphur bonds right inside the hair’s cortex, with a helping hand from the organic sulphur in cysteine.

How to Use:

1. Shampoo and towel dry hair. 2: Apply 4-10 pumps of Foam, leave for 10 minutes. 3: Apply Balance Plus, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse.

About INNOluxe
Welcome to the next generation of hair repair.

Revolutionize every colour with INNOluxe V2. V2 is INNOluxe’s next generation repairing treatment developed to achieve levels of rebuilding never been seen before. This highly innovative, incredibly powerful system utilizes the latest protein technology to transform the way hair is bleached and colored. INNOluxe creates the freedom to achieve so much more while leaving hair noticeably healthier and significantly stronger. This opens up amazing creative options for hairdressers to give their clients their greatest ever hair!