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Newsha Total Control Gel

Newsha Total Control Gel


Newsha Total Control Gel

4.2 oz


Extremely strong styling gel for total control and powerful hold includes Argan Oil, known for its caring properties.

  • Strong control
  • Powerful hold
  • Exceptional texture simplifies the application in the hair

Application: Work hazelnut-size amount of gel in wet or dry hair. Style with fingers as desired.

Argan Oil Benefits

The oil obtained from the fruit is rich in unsaturated omega-3-&-9-fatty acids, which strengthen the hair and provide a healthy structure. Furthermore the hair is protected against split ends. Argan Oil has a high proportion of natural antioxidants and Vitamin E. Argan Oil works as a natural moisturizes and minimizes a roughened cuticula. Unruly, uncontrollable hair is tamed and hair is protected against sun.

Argan Oil