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OYA Lotion 20 vol. (6%)

OYA Lotion / 20 vol. (6%)

OYA Color

OYA Lotion / 20 vol. (6%)

33.8 oz

Use OYA lotion 20 volume (6%) for up to 2 levels of lift.
Mixing ratio 1:1 (1 part color with 1 part OYA lotion).

4 dedicated lotions for use with OYA Permanent Color:
  • 10 volume (3%) for all gray coverage and deposit only.
  • 20 volume (6%) up to 2 levels of lift.
  • 30 volume (9%) 2 to 3 levels of lift.
  • 40 volume (12%) 3 or more levels of lift.
1 dedicated lotion for use with the OYA Demi Permanent Color:
  • 5 volume (1.5%) deposit only.