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OYA Elixir / 9.5oz

OYA Elixir / 9.5oz

OYA Hair Care

OYA Elixir

9.5 oz / 280ml

A reconstructive hair care additive designed to penetrate the hair cuticle and reconstruct hair from within. Promoting strong, shiny, naturally healthy hair.
Instructions: Do not use OYA Elixir by itself. Simply add 10% OYA Elixir to your color or lightening mixture. Example: if color or lightener mixture weighs 60 grams, simply add 6 grams of OYA Elixir. No need to change developer strength, color or lightener formula. To use as a structuring hair care additive, mix up to 1 part OYA Elixir to 3 parts shampoo, conditioner or treatment.