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OYA REvamp Dry Conditioner

OYA Revamp Dry Conditioner / 8.5 oz

OYA Hair Care

OYA Revamp Dry Conditioner

8.5 oz

OYA Revamp Dry Conditioner’s weightless formula works on all hair types. It’s instant hydrating effect provides a smooth finish that extends the life of your style. OYA Revamp boosts shine and detangles while eliminating static and frizz.

OYA Ingredients

General Product Information

At OYA, we are committed to providing you with the tools to create radiant, reflective hair color that retains the hair's integrity and shine. With the new OYA Retail Collection, your beautiful hair color will remain vibrant, rich and "first day fresh", weeks after your color service. Every day with OYA Live to Love Color protection will be a good hair day - shiny, silky and manageable. The delightful fragrance of OYA's own "Spa Water" transforms ordinary hair care into a daily spa experience.